Jennifer Lopez Gushes About Emme and Max

April 23, 2009 By:
Jennifer Lopez Gushes About Emme and Max

Stopping by the Rachael Ray show for an episode that will air on Friday, April 24, Jennifer Lopez opened up to Ray about life with her twins Max and Emme.

Speaking about her adorable twins, J.Lo says Max and Emme are like "night and day." She goes on to talk about her daughters Emme-tude, her pregnancy, and the twins' 1-year birthday party.

The episode doesn't air until Friday, but here are some highlights from the interview:

Lopez on how different the twins are: “They’re very different. You can really see it, even from when they’re really young. Boy, girl. It’s funny to say because he’s more like the visceral boy, running, knocking things down, eating the world - you know what I mean? And she’s kinda like, takes a step and stops and picks things up, and she’s like, ‘I don’t know, maybe I’ll eat this.’ … It’s funny because now that I see Max, I’m like, I was more like Max.”

Lopez on finding out she was having twins: "At a certain point, you start to think, 'Oh, maybe this isn't going to happen for me.' Then, when I was about seven weeks, the doctor said, 'Oh there's a little heartbeat. Oh there's another little heartbeat.' I was like, 'Oh God!' I just laughed. Mark cried, I laughed. I was like, 'Of course. Why not?'"

Lopez on Max looking more like her: ”You know what’s so funny though, me and Mark are always claiming he’s got my head and he’s got my mouth. And he’s like he’s got my eyes and my nose, and I’m like thank God she’s got my nose! It’s awful!,” she laughs. “But you want it all to be you...That’s the nature of who we are, we can’t help it. We’re both trying to steal it all.”

Lopez on also seeing herself in Emme: “She’s funny because we call her Emme-tude because we’re like she’s giving us Emme-tude right now… when she catches an attitude - Wooooahh. She gets that from her dad. I’m kidding … She gets it from me.”

Lopez on their first birthday party: “We did it in my backyard in L.A. We had a barbeque/carnival type thing. It was more just like we had snow cones and a little jumpy. They had the best time at their birthday party, I didn’t think a one year old could have fun at a birthday party. But they did, they loved it. …I think I did a good job, and they’re going to remember.”