Jennifer Lopez Gets Tongue Tied Talking About P.Diddy

March 22, 2012 By:
Jennifer Lopez Gets Tongue Tied Talking About P.Diddy

Before Jennifer Lopez was dating teenage boys named Casper, before she was married to Marc Anthony, before she was one half of “Bennifer,” J.Lo dated the hip hop mogul P. Diddy for two years.

Last night Sean “Diddy” Combs appeared as a guest mentor on “American Idol” and left Jennifer Lopez a little tongue tied.

When talking about Diddy on the show last night, J.Lo took a long pause before she finally said her exes name. She laughed and then said, “I was going to say Puffy,” then dropped her head in embarrassment.

J.Lo and Diddy dated from 1999-2001 back when Diddy went by the name Puff Daddy or Puffy.

Maybe J.Lo was just confused which name Sean Combs goes by now (Diddy? Diddle? Diddley? P Didz?)

In order to avoid an awkward run-in, P.Diddy’s segment with the American Idol contestants was pre-taped to avoid any on-camera run-ins with J.Lo.

Diddy: Hey J.Lo! Who have you been doing?

J.Lo: What?

Diddy: Err, did I say Who? I mean, HOW, how have you been doing?

J.Lo Time to go!

This isn’t the first time that the former couple has seen each other lately.

At the Vanity Fair Oscar after-party last month J.Lo had a conversation with Diddy that an onlooker called “weird.” Apparently she was apologizing for not returning his calls and texts. Yikes. However, the onlooker said J.Lo seemed “friendly.”