Jennifer Lopez: Did I Trip at the AMA's?

November 23, 2009 By:
Jennifer Lopez: Did I Trip at the AMA's?

Blame it on the shoes. Jennifer Lopez took a little tumble at the American Music Awards on Sunday night during her performance of "Louboutins." But she like totally meant to trip!

"Did I trip a little bit? I don't even remember," Lopez, joked on Monday morning during an interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM. "Yeah, I meant to do that. That was part of the choreography."

While she was joking about it being apart of the choreography, she actually had a good sense of humor about the whole thing. "The measure of things isn't what happens when you fall, it's how you recover when you fall," she said.

Did you catch Lopez's fall? It was edited out of the West Coast show, but you can check it out below...