Jennifer Lopez Denied by ‘The Voice’

July 30, 2013 By:
Jennifer Lopez Denied by ‘The Voice’

Do people still care about Jennifer Lopez and her “pop music” career? Apparently not.

Jennifer Lopez asked “The Voice” if she could perform on the show’s season finale and they said NO.

Sorry girl.

“She made a formal offer to be on the show and they said no to that,” an insider tells the NY Post.

Of course, a rep for NBC said they only denied her because of scheduling issues but we’re pretty positive it’s because they didn’t want to sit through whatever not-hit-song J.Lo is parading around these days in her latex leotards and crappy Pitbull duets.

Hey, we’re just calling it like we see it.

J.Lo also asked if she could be a “mentor” on the show, they said NO to that as well.

NBC claims that they were ONLY looking for stars to do duets with the performers and they were ONLY looking for country and EDM duet partners at this time.

Is it time for J.Lo to just start exclusively pimping out fragrances now that her singing career is basically donezo?