Jennifer Lopez: Demanding Diva or Publicity Genius?

September 14, 2010 By:
Jennifer Lopez: Demanding Diva or Publicity Genius?

Jennifer Lopez is finally locked in to join American Idol for the next year for a cool $12 million. But the entire time, we’ve heard rumors that she was acting like a diva.

But Fox insiders say those comments are completely false and were perpetuated by people involved with a show in direct competition. They’ve reportedly been complaining that the negative stories about Lopez are being planted by people with a grudge against Idol. and people who are in direct competition with the show. But is that really true?

"This is a genius move by 'Idol's' public relations machine," an insider tells "They are taking all the attention of what a nightmare J.Lo is to work with and focusing attention on those other nasty shows. Now, everyone is guessing who is trying to ruin J.Lo rather than talking about the notoriously difficult diva."

An unnamed source who has worked with Lopez went on to tell them, "If Jennifer was known for her endless charity work before negotiating with 'Idol' and then suddenly diva like stories suddenly appeared, I would agree with FOX executives. However, everyone in show business knows Jennifer is more difficult to deal with than Barbra Streisand on a bad day.

Pretending your competition is leaking negative stories about J.Lo is laughable. Next, they will be saying 'America's Got Talent' is leaking stories that Ryan Seacrest is short."

And a magazine editor didn’t have anything positive to say about her either!
"Of all the people I have ever worked with, no one was more difficult than Jennifer," the editor tells me. "When we shot her for a cover, her list of demands were crazy. She needed an all white room scented with Jo Malone candles. She insisted on having a banquet of food -- that she never touched -- and even had the nerve to ask for a specific type of private plane."

We don’t know who to believe! J.Lo has probably had her diva moments like every other super star out there. But we wonder if her diva demands haven’t been slightly exaggerated in this case. What do you think? Is J.Lo a demanding diva or a PR genius?