Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Working Hard to Save Marriage

April 3, 2009 By:
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Working Hard to Save Marriage

Every other month there are new rumors that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are separating. The last one was when they were supposed to duet at the Madison Square Garden on Valentine's Day after announcing their split. Clearly, that didn't happen. Now there are reports that Jennifer Lopez is desperately trying to save what's left of her marriage to Marc.

A source tells the New York Daily News, "Jennifer is determined to make it work with Marc.

"But these two have serious, serious issues. Jennifer feels like Marc is holding her career back, and she was sick of his social butterfly mentality while she stayed at home with the twins. There are times when she's had it, and close to ending it.

"She'll throw down her ring and say, 'That's it.' But when Marc realizes he's about to lose her, he comes right back to Mommy. She enhances his life - she's a huge star and good for him, and he does love her. And really, all their fighting makes for some fiery passion in the bedroom.

"She wants to make sure her marriage is secure before she has more kids...Jennifer needs to ascertain that Marc will assume his half of the parental responsibility."

J. Lo has put a hold on her career every since she married Marc. But is marriage and family life more important or is her career important? We're sure her feelings change on a daily basis. It's only normal. Do you guys think these two will last or will they end up like most Hollywood couples?