Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Getting Remarried

November 18, 2010 By:
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Getting Remarried

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony want to share their lifestyle with you--and the good news is you don’t need to take a second mortgage out on your house to do it.

J.Lo and Marc held a press conference at the London hotel today to announce their plans to launch a $3 billion dollar partnership with Kohl’s. Yes, billions!

“You know Marc and I when we thought about doing this it was kind of a daunting idea. I mean we have done together and stuff but this was a big deal, right?” she asked Marc, to which Marc replied, “It’s almost like getting re-married.” Getting re-married?? “It’s like getting married again,” J.Lo corrected him.

Sure, J.Lo and Marc have extravagant taste, but the great news is their line at Kohl’s is going to be super affordable.

“We’re so excited to be partners with a successful national retailer like Kohl’s,” J.Lo told reporters, “We realized what a huge opportunity this is, which is going to allow us to make contemporary style, which we love, accessible and affordable for women and men all over the nation.”

The collection is set to hit stores next fall and will feature women's dresses, sportswear, handbags and jewelry, while that of her husband Marc Anthony will have men's dress shirts, ties, sport coats and shoes. The his-and-hers line may expand into home accessories over time, Kohl's said.

If she can duplicate her Marchesa and Gucci dresses, I’ll be the first in line! How about you? You sold on the line yet?