Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Debut 'Q'Viva' Trailer

December 19, 2011 By:
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Debut 'Q'Viva' Trailer

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez make a pact? Was cannot date anyone under the age of 25? No. Was it, Marc Anthony must not romance Paula Abdul? No. Was it...J.Lo cannot promote Fiat as long as Marc Anthony shall live, because he, like most people, find it annoying? NO!

Oh I give up. Actually, this "pact" I speak of is from the trailer to their new reality talent show Q'Viva: The Chosen where J.Lo and Anthony claim "we have made a pact to go out there to discover the world's most extraordinary talent" according to Anthony.

The former couple still have an obligation to the reality series they started before they announced their divorce, as the duo travel across Latin America in search of the best talent.

"Why am I doing the show?" Anthony wonders aloud in the trailer, "I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner."

How about sooner, as in before you both broke up and J.Lo started dating an infant back-up dancer.

Lopez says, "It's probably gonna be the biggest thing that I've been involved with yet."

I dunno about that, Marc Anthony reportedly threatened to quit the show, claiming that he could no longer work with J.Lo. So it may end up being the most short-lived thing she's ever been involved with.

However, as of now they are still trucking along with producing this show. There are no auditions, but rather they are guided by locals to find undiscovered talent all across Latin America.

This could either turn out to be an awesome talent search or the world's greatest trainwreck. Watch as two recent divorcees travel Latin America and hate each other! Q'Viva: The Chosen.