Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Go Jewelry Shopping

December 19, 2011 By:
Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Go Jewelry Shopping

Well, this should thoroughly set Marc Anthony off.

Jennifer Lopez and her new, younger man Casper Smart were photographed walking into Polacheck's jewelry store in Calasbasas, CA.

Let the engagement speculation begin. Mostly by me.

The two shopped for about an hour inside the upscale jewelry shop, before Casper left by himself and got into J.Lo's white Bentley. He drove it around to the back of the store where J.Lo was waiting, escorted by a store employee.

FYI, it's the same store where Eddie Cibrian bought LeAnn Rimes engagement ring. Yeah, yeah, I know, they have other stuff there.  But I'm going with engagement.

Meanwhile, Lopez has opened up about a scary situation she encountered after her daughter, Emme, was born in 2008. After discovering a mysterious lump on Emme's head, Lopez says,

"I just remember that feeling, 'If something is wrong with that baby . . .I'm gonna die."

She added that she and her then-husband, Marc Anthony, had no idea what to do.

"I started panicking a little bit," Lopez said. We were thinking, 'Did somebody drop her when we weren't looking? . . . I just remember looking at him and saying if this baby, if Emme's not going to be OK . . . I'm not going to be OK."

She continued, "luckily for us, it turned out okay."

But the scare prompted J.Lo to action. "I was (thinking) like what if I didn't have that? What if I didn't have access to great health care?"

She and Anthony then founded the Maribel Foundation to provide pediatric care to families in need.