Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart to Announce Split Soon

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart to Announce Split Soon
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Two years into Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart’s relationship and it seems what many have called The Inevitable Since The Start is just months, weeks, possibly days away: a breakup.

“Things are not going well at the moment,” a source told E! News. “They are bickering and it’s clear to the people around them that there is an irritation between them at the moment. It’s hot and cold, but more cold than hot right now.”

Those close to Jennifer’s circle added that it was an outcome everyone saw coming, including the singer herself, who “never thought it was going to be long-term.”

Adding fuel to the rumors is that Casper, who is typically attached to Jennifer’s hip for all her appearances, hasn’t been photographed with the star for weeks. The last time they were seen in public together was on September 21. Shortly thereafter, on September 26, Casper tweeted a pic of them together.

Reps for J.Lo and Casper haven’t responded to requests for comment.