Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper Go on a Date

September 12, 2011 By:
Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper Go on a Date

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez go on a date. Who hasn’t Bradley Cooper dated?! Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler, and Justin Timberlake should team up and just divide-and-conquer all of Hollywood.

Anyways, the newly separated J.Lo and the bachelor-forever Bradley were spotted on a date in New York.

Apparently the date occurred on Saturday night at restaurant Per Se, a restaurant located at Columbus Circle in New York City. Sources tell TMZ that the dinner looked “romantic” and was just the two of them.

The restaurant staff was pretty quiet about the date. “There’s a lot of rumors going around,” said one restaurant host.

However a “source” told People that the two were meeting to discuss business only. The two are “in discussions regarding a project,” said the insider.

I don’t know which I believe more. Cooper does love himself an older woman and the default cover-up in Hollywood for any romance rumors is that all dates are actually just business meetings.

Let me explain something about how Hollywood works: you can, in fact, go to a romantic dinner on a Saturday at night and the pretty people who stand in front of the camera will actually call that “working.” I know, I’m sorry you spent all those years in college too. When two actor-types go to dinner, all they have to do is throw around movie terms like “Aaron Sorkin” and “they were considering Brad Pitt” and voila, you’ve got yourself a business meeting. Haven’t you seen “Entourage?”

Bradley Cooper, however, is a serial dater. He did break up with girlfriend Renee Zellweger in March after dating for over a year. He’s also dated/hooked up with Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Wilde and Charlize Theron. So basically, he gives Ryan Reynolds some of his sloppy seconds.

J.Lo and her husband of seven years, Marc Anthony announced their separation in July. Since then J.Lo has been rumored to be dating her sexy “I’m Into You” music video costar, William Levy, but denied the rumors.

Marc Anthony was also rumored to be having an affair with Jada Pinkett Smith but those rumors were squashed and everything seemed fine at the Pinkett-Smith household.

So what do you think? Were J.Lo and Bradley on a date? He does like cougars, eh eh? Was the “source” who talked to People actually just a mouthpiece for J.Lo’s PR lying to protect her? The world may never know… until they are spotted making googly eyes again.