Jennifer Lopez Admits to Having Marital Problems

April 27, 2010 By:
Jennifer Lopez Admits to Having Marital Problems

Jennifer Lopez wants the world to know that her and hubby Marc Anthony are just like every other couple. They fight, they make up, they fight, they make up.

But all that fighting isn't necessary a bad thing. Or at least J.Lo doesn't seem to think so.

“People seem to think that when there’s conflict in a relationship it’s always a bad thing, but I think you need a challenge,” she said.

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“The dynamic between us is passionate and that’s why it works. We are compatible, but at the same time we are different enough to make it interesting.

So how does J.Lo keep her man from straying? “I’m the biggest challenge that he’s ever had to deal with, and that’s what keeps it interesting for us both.”

Whatever they're doing seems to work. They both seem very happy to have each other. So maybe a few quarrels isn't such a bad thing after all.