J. Lo's Nannies Quit

July 10, 2008 By:
J. Lo's Nannies Quit

J. Lo insists
she's a total hands-on mom, and doesn't even need a nanny. But if that's the case, why did two of their nannies just quit for being overworked?

According to reports the couple have scared them away with
their constant laundry lists of things to do. The help was allegedly required to work sixteen-hour days, seven days a week! Goodbye, social life!

That's more time than some people spend with their own children, let alone someone else's. But we have to credit J. Lo and Marc for not being stingy with the nannies paychecks, they were paying them $2250 a week.

Not bad! But with those hours, would you do it, even though the money is good?