J. Lo Talks Babies

February 7, 2008 By:
J. Lo Talks Babies

Jennifer Lopez has indirectly confirmed that she's not only having twins, but she's having a boy and a girl. I know I know, this isn't exactly new information, but it did come from her mouth.

J.Lo was overheard telling friends at the Marchesa show,
"I'm having twins: a boy and a girl.”

She may be 9 months pregnant, but J.Lo will always be a slave to fashion, she was rocking sky-high stilettos and still has that J.Lo glow. When the friend asked when she was due she said, "Two weeks! I'm freaking out!" J.Lo laughed.

A source at the show told Page Six she is “so preggers we feared her water would break on our feet, and we don't want to have to sell our shoes on eBay.”

Mark your calendars for February 14th because that’s when Jenny from the block will be heading to the hospital for her scheduled c-section. I bet there's going to be a media circus outside for days, those first baby pictures are going to be worth millions!