J. Lo Says No to Her Own Music

November 5, 2010 By:
J. Lo Says No to Her Own Music

Jennifer Lopez is probably used to hearing her own music played on the radio every single day of her life. So the last thing she needs when she sits down to the judge’s table on American Idol is hearing some NEWB from Kentucky belt out “Waiting for Tonight” at her.

According to People, J. Lo is already letting her diva flag fly.

Jennifer Lopez Responds to Diva Rumors

"It was cute, super entertaining and flattering, but no,” she said of contestants who tried to impress her with one of her own hits.

J. Lo also claims to have real feelings when sending contestants home who suck.

J.Lo Gets $12 Million for Idol

"I've cried," Lopez said. "We get a lot of elation when we put them through and devastation, almost, when they're not. But it's been a ball."

Pa-lease! Every chick she sends home is one less rag-to-riches success story who can compete with her!

Also, she just made this competition pretty boring until the last few episodes by saying they’ve only found 15 to 20 "real superstars who could be recording artists for sure.”

Remind me in May—I’ll tune in for the finale.