From J.Lo to Lindsay Lohan: Stars Caught Without Make-Up

July 28, 2011 By:
From J.Lo to Lindsay Lohan: Stars Caught Without Make-Up

When us mortal non-celebrity women wear make-up it’s usually some Revlon mascara and chapstick, but when celebrities step onto the red carpet they are all glammed up with a make-up artist on hand to consistently reapply their lip stain.

So when a celebrity woman goes out in public without any make-up on its like, “omigod what happened to her and who died and have her eyes always looked like that and I thought she was the spokesperson for proactiv?”

Famed designer Alexander Wang tells Hollyscoop that going make-up less is great, “Natural. I love it when girls really look like themselves and really go for it…”

Needless to say, we love spying celebs without their face paint on, because it reminds us that stars “are just like us.”

Jennifer Lopez is usually never caught on camera when she’s not glammed up, but this wetsuit look would be weird with fake eyelashes, right?

Lindsay Lohan steps out and is caught without her usually over-bronzed look. You aren’t under house arrest anymore Lindsay, now that you’re out in the real world, you’ve got to put the paint on.

The cameras may have caught X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole by surprise, but if we all looked this good without make-up, the cosmetics industry would go under.

The usually gorgeous Annalynne McCord took some time off from face-raping her boyfriend and looks shocked to be caught shopping without her face on.

Christina Ricci once got a make-under for her role in “Monster” but that was back in 2003, you can start wearing lip gloss again Christina.