'Cuban Brad Pitt' Denies Affair with Jennifer Lopez

July 19, 2011 By:
'Cuban Brad Pitt' Denies Affair with Jennifer Lopez

Because we figured she got tired of having sex with her eyes closed, rumors have surfaced that Jennifer Lopez has been having an affair.

In the wake of her divorce from singer/zombie Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez was rumored to be having an affair with telenovela star William Levy.

Levy starred as Lopez’s love interest in her I’m Into You music video. But the actor is denying the rumors telling Hollyscoop: "My thoughts are with Jennifer and Marc during this very hard time. My relationship with Jennifer has been strictly professional. These alleged rumors suggesting something more personal are 100% false and inaccurate. My best wishes go out to them and their family."

Back in May, Lopez called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest and said about her video costar:

“My cousins and my aunt were over for Christmas and they were watching this novela religiously and when the time came…to get a guy for the video…I was like ‘who’s the hot guy?’ and they were like ‘William Levy’…’oh my god please [use him]!’”

J.Lo said she was “playing a character” in the video but then revealed that her twins saw it and thought it was real. “The babies…have seen part of it and they go ‘there’s daddy!’”

In April, Levy said of working with Lopez:

“Jennifer is fun and a very simple person. It was such a pleasure to see that although she’s so successful, she’s managed to stay so simple.”

“She is very funny,” Levy added.

When she roped my hands to the bedpost, she made a great joke about being ‘all tied up’.