Chick Flick Friday: What To Expect When You're Expecting

May 18, 2012 By:
Chick Flick Friday: What To Expect When You're Expecting

Do not pop in that worn DVD of “When Harry Met Sally.” Stop downloading “The Notebook.” It’s chick flick Friday! Time to get out and see the movie fare that is a Hollyscoop certified chick flick!

“What To Expect When You’re Expecting” has all the makings of a perfect chick flick. It’s got babies, romance, A-Listers, hot guys, funny guys, hot & funny guys (both! At the same time!) and it’s even got it’s own parody of "Dancing With The Stars" within the film!

If you aren’t racing to the theaters, I can only assume there is a TLC show about fussy brides on television. I’ll let you finish, but then hurry, “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” is DUE today!

The flick is based off the incredibly popular baby manual of the same name and the film is a hilarious comedy about the intertwined lives of five different couples that are all expecting their first child. It’s like “Love Actually” with babies!

Jennifer Lopez and on-screen hubby Rodrigo Santoro play a couple on the brink of adoption. To learn what fatherhood will be like, Rodrigo joins a "Dad Support Group." It's a bunch of dads who shrug stuff off like, "my kid just ate a cigarette."

Anna Kendrick of “Twilight” fame plays a twenty-something who gets knocked up after a one-night stand with super hottie Chace Crawford. To Anna’s surprise, Chace goes from out-of-her-league one-time affair to doting baby-daddy. Awwwww.

Brooklyn Decker basically plays herself. She’s the hot younger wife to Dennis Quaid and pops out babies in a matter of minutes. Some girls have all the luck.

Cameron Diaz plays a celebrity contestant on a “Dancing With The Stars”-type show and finds out she’s pregnant by one of the shows dancers, played by “Glee” star Matthew Morrison. Oh well, pregnancy means huge boobs!

Elizabeth Banks plays a baby-crazy motivational speaker who finds out that having a kid is really freaking hard. Her husband is played by the hilarious Ben Falcone (“Bridesmaids”) who is real life married to Melissa McCarthy (also, “Bridesmaids”)!

Fun Trivia! Kristen Wiig was actually offered one of the roles, but had to turn it down because of scheduling conflicts with SNL.