Casper Smart Bonds With J.Lo's Kids In Rio

June 26, 2012 By:
Casper Smart Bonds With J.Lo's Kids In Rio

Jennifer Lopez’s boytoy Casper Smart may be in love with J.Lo (and the allowance she gives him), but judging from these adorable photos, it looks like he’s really worked his way into her twin’s hearts as well.

There were rumors that Caspifer (their new nickname) were inching towards a break up, but it looks like they’re still very much together. J.Lo, 42, Smart, 25, and her 4-year-old twins Max and Emme were recently photographed on a beach in Rio De Janeiro -- all playing in the sand like one big happy family!

Casper and J.Lo’s son Max were busy at work burying some guy in the sand as the happy mother alternates between helping out, and standing above them to photograph the incident with a grin.

Not sure who they were burying, but he doesn’t appear to resemble the divas soon to be ex husband, Marc Anthony.

The two boys also share some bonding time as Casper takes Max into the water to try out the kid’s mini body board.

As either the temperature drops, or the busy couples allotted beach time slot expires, Smart wraps J.Lo’s daughter Emme in a towel and carries her, like a pro, away from the scene.

The whole brood has been on a serious siege of all things South America lately. She is continuing on her tour, and he’s filming the reality show she gave him, to document the promotion she gave him, with the job title of lead choreographer, on the very same tour. Super convenient.

All of this is to promote her new album, “Love?”

Though from the looks of these beach pics, she might want to just go ahead erase that question mark…