Casper Smart Addresses the J.Lo Split Rumors

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Casper Smart Addresses the J.Lo Split Rumors
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Quick to douse the flames of what a handful of media outlets (ours included) are reporting as The Inevitable Celebrity Breakup, Casper Smart is addressing the rumors that his relationship with Jennifer Lopez is hanging in the balance.

To “Access Hollywood Live,” Casper told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover: “Everything is good.”

“Last I was informed we were [together],” he then quipped.

If not a breakup, Billy and Kit then steered the interview a step further and moved (far, far) ahead with their line of questioning, asking if a marriage proposal to Jennifer was in the couple’s future.

“We’ll have to see,” Casper teased. He’s also well aware of the relentless pressure a public relationship can have on two people, but doesn’t pay much attention to how he and J.Lo are represented by the press.

When asked how he feels about being referred to as her “boy toy” in the tabloids, Casper said, “It is what it is. It’s the media.”