Bradley Cooper Is Wooing Jennifer Lopez Now

October 20, 2011 By:
Bradley Cooper Is Wooing Jennifer Lopez Now

While Marc Anthony is busy crying at his concerts, Jennifer Lopez has jumped back on the dating horse. And that horse is Bradley Cooper. Giddy up!

In early September, the two had a super secret dinner date at New York City venue ‘Per Se’. We kind of took it with a grain of salt because Bradley Cooper goes on a “super secret” date like, every week. But he might have just taken his fling with J.Lo up a notch.

A source tells Us Weekly that Bradley Cooper is “really trying to woo Jennifer in a big way.”

In a big way. I think we all know what that means right? Okay, let’s continue.

According to the source, ever since Lopez announced the end of her marriage to Marc Anthony in July, “He has been after Jennifer, calling her, for ages.”

“They’ve been talking on the phone and texting a lot,” another insider says.

And then, on the morning of October 15, sh-t got real. The two were spotted pulling out of Cooper’s driveway at his Pacific Palisades home. From there, they traveled to Lopez’s mansion in the Hidden Hills, about fifteen minutes away.

“They were laughing the whole time!” an observer says. "Considering how depressed she has been since her breakup, it's no surprise that she has finally decided to let him in.”

Uuuum, inappropriate! Oh, let him in her heart. Right. Could this story be filled with any more sexual innuendo?

“For the first time since the split, she is allowing herself to go with the flow.”

Hmm. I think there’s one there, but I’m not perverted enough to get it.

But really, the first time? She wasn’t going with the flow when she was partying at iHeart Radio Music Festival in Vegas? How about when she went to a night club afterward and got a bunch of lap dances from male strippers? Because if that’s not going with the flow, I dunno what is.

And in other Bradley Cooper news, AskMen recently listed him as one of the Top 49 Most Influential Men. Thanks, Hangover. And Rene Zellweger. That didn’t hurt, either.

AskMen’s survey was based on more than 200,000 reader votes, though the websites editorial staff had the final say. So where did Cooper rank? At #47. Not exactly at the top of the list, but hey, it beats his Wet Hot American Summer days. Also on the list are Prince William, Kanye West, and Ryan Gosling. But it’s not all celebs. The hacker that released all those celebrity photos came in at number eight. Because, keep in mind, this is AskMen.

And coming in at number one? Steve Jobs. Appropriate, considering I have like five Apple products in front of me right now.