J.Law's Nips Suddenly Has Hollywood Caring About Privacy

September 2, 2014 By:
J.Law's Nips Suddenly Has Hollywood Caring About Privacy
Image By: Hollyscoop

With the exception of the Scarlett Johansson nude photo scandal that sent a man to prison for 10 years, no one has ever given two shits about celebrity privacy when a famous actress's nude photos are somehow leaked to the public.

We're not sure if it's because America's sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence is at the center of the latest controversy, but the news media is clearly up in arms over the breach of privacy. 

When nude photos leaked in the past, the only people who seemed to care were the celebrities in the photos and their lawyers. Now, every celeb and think-piece news outlet is comparing the scandal to a "sex crime."



Hackers are now being called "sex offenders."




Nude photo leaks are being compared to rape:




And actresses not-involved in the scandal are imploring you to STOP looking at the leaked images.




Where there once was shame, now there is feminism.



They are comparing the pics to "selling stolen merchandise."



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