Jennifer Lawrence Voted 2013's Most Desirable Woman

December 12, 2012 By:
Jennifer Lawrence Voted 2013's Most Desirable Woman

It’s official, kids… Everybody wants a piece of the Jennifer Lawrence action.

In a recent poll by, The Hunger Games actress was dubbed 2013’s “Most Desirable Woman.” Lawrence beat out the major competition of some big names for the honor. 

The results of the tally were released on Tuesday, and confirm what we pretty much all already knew: Jennifer Lawrence is a super babe!

But, according to James Bassil, Editor-In Chief of the online magazine, the reasons behind the results go a little deeper than just Jen’s looks (which are stunning).

“Overall, there's a sense that she's a little more authentic than other actors,” Bassil told Reuters. “She's fresh because we haven't seen her all over the gossip pages for the past three or four years.”

2.4 million readers contributed their votes and Lawrence ended up coming out with the majority. The actress was No. 28 on the list last year.

Rounding out the top five are Mila Kunis, Kate Upton, Rihanna and Emma Stone, which means that Jennifer beat out all four of them for the top spot.

Whether she wants to or not, Jennifer joins a growing list of top ladies. Last year’s winner was Columbian vixen Sofia Vergara

Other ladies to be mentioned on the “Most Desirable Women” list include such names as actress Rachel Weisz, comedian Sarah Silverman, and First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Way down at the bottom is the list (if you have the patience to scroll that far) you’ll find the name “Kim Kardashian.” The reality star earned No. 98 (out of 99) spot, falling from the No. 8 spot last year… Ouch.