Jennifer Lawrence Shows Love for Bridget Jones & Hulk Hogan

March 27, 2012 By:
Jennifer Lawrence Shows Love for Bridget Jones & Hulk Hogan

And she also hates ghosts. This may be the most random interview ever, but hey, I'm just impressed she's not talking about how much she hates herself.

Jennifer Lawrence graces the cover of this month's German Interview magazine, showing off her hourglass figure in a rocker chic one-piece. In the mag, she talks about a couple of her favorite Hollywood icons:

"I should rather have more artistic answers ready. But the truth is: I’d like to be Bridget Jones," Jennifer told Interview.

Girl, what you talking about? Not even Bridget Jones wanted to be Bridget Jones.

And it doesn’t end there.

"I am interested in Hulk Hogan."

I like how she says "interested in," as if he's some sort of scientific phenomenon, waiting to be studied. She must have seen that sex tape.

The Hunger Games opened to a record-breaking weekend, shooting Jennifer even further into superstardom. So what does she plan to do with her big payday?

"When I get my first real check, I want to bathe in a pool full of pasta."

Something tells me it'd be underwhelming. Unless it's ravioli!

Jennifer also reveals one of her most trembling fears. Is it watching herself in movies? Forgetting her lines?

"I'm scared of ghosts," Jennifer reveals.

How scared?

"Just yesterday when I moved into a new room at the hotel, I was deeply convinced, that I shouldn’t wash my face, because if I would look into the mirror, I would actually see a ghost."

Like I said, random.