Jennifer Lawrence’s Weird Slim Down Secret

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Weird Slim Down Secret
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We all know that Jennifer Lawrence always speaks her mind. Whether she’s admitting that she gets her parents drunk at awards show after-parties, why she stalked John Stamos, or how she eats French fries and doesn’t get out of bed until three.

So we’re actually not surprised when she spilled the beans on her strange beauty secret that gets her into trim shape for awards season.

What’s her secret? Epsom salts.

Apparently Epsom salts gets rid of bloat instantly, so like, you can NOT diet and just hop in a bath before a red carpet event and voilà, no belly bulge.

Jen’s personal trainer Dalton Wong gave her the unique beauty tip, “Epsom Salts help to get rid of any bloating in the body before slipping into a red carpet dress. It’s a great trick that anyone can use if they’re working up to wearing a particularly clingy dress.”

The Epsom salts are basically just shedding the water weight and it reportedly helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

This is the greatest non-diet diet we’ve ever heard of!

For the girl who once famously said she doesn’t diet, now we know why! The bathtub diet!