Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Hollywood Called Her ‘Fat’

October 2, 2013 By:
Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Hollywood Called Her ‘Fat’
Image By: Harper's Bazaar

Oh no they didn’t!

Our Queen, the flawless Jennifer Lawrence, was reportedly told she was “fat” by Hollywood standards and was on the verge of getting fired for not losing enough weight.

“I was young. It was just the kind of sh*t that actresses have to go through,” Jen remembers of her early days in the business, “Somebody told me I was fat, that I was going to get fired if I didn’t lose a certain amount of weight. They brought in pictures of me where I was basically naked, and told me to use them as motivation for my diet. It was just that.”

We’re trying to pinpoint which “job” told her she was fat. We’re guessing it could have been her starring role in 2008's The Poker House or in Garden Party in which she plays a hot teen.

Either way, Jen gives this giant “EFF YOU” to all the haters that told her to lose weight.

“[Someone brought up] that because of the way my career had gone, it wouldn’t still hurt me. That somehow, after I won an Oscar, I’m above it all. ‘You really still care about that?’ Yeah. I was a little girl. I was hurt,” Jen told Harper's Bazaar, “It doesn’t matter what accolades you get. I know it’ll never happen to me again. If anybody even tries to whisper the word 'diet,' I’m like, 'You can go f*ck yourself.'”