Jennifer Lawrence, the Next Meryl Streep?

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Jennifer Lawrence, the Next Meryl Streep?
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On Sunday, Jennifer Lawrence collected a leading actress award, confirming her superstar on-screen status. But could she be the next Meryl Streep?

While it remains to be seen whether or not JLaw has the sustainability that Meryl has demonstrated throughout her commanding career, here are some similarities that we’ve noticed...

Both are women — And attractive, powerhouse ladies at that.

Both have Oscars — Jennifer won her first Oscar this weekend for Best Actress in a Leading Role. She is 22. Meryl didn’t get her first trophy until she was 31. Still, Meryl has been nominated about a bazillion times; Jennifer only twice.

Both have lost to Natalie Portman (that b*tch) — Meryl got ousted by Madame Natalie at the 2005 Golden Globes in the Best Supporting Actress category; Jen got beat in 2011 when the Academy ranked the Black Swan performance better than that of Winter’s Bone.

Both get the flu — Remember back to January when Meryl skipped the Golden Globes due to a hardcore case of the flu. Well, turns out Jennifer was a little snuffly too.

Both have trouble with awards show stairs — Meryl lost her shoe while hopping up to accept an award at the 2012 BAFTAs; and Jennifer infamously face-planted at this weekend’s Academy Awards.

Both think acting is stupid — Meryl once said: “I spent  a  long  time  thinking  acting  wasn’t  worthwhile, that  it  was  frivolous  and  not  worth  anything  to  the  world at large.” Jennifer once said: “Not to sound rude, but [acting] is stupid.”

Both have sailor mouths — Consistent with their ultimate Hollywood bada$$ personas, Meryl and Jennifer have gone on the record with their pottymouths in the past. For brief examples, visit here or here.