Jennifer Lawrence Insults Herself Again

March 22, 2012 By:
Jennifer Lawrence Insults Herself Again

In the past couple of weeks, Jennifer Lawrence has managed to call herself a Chihuahua, a troll, and a big mistake.

We get it. You hate you. And now, J.Law is talking about her running issues.

“I’m pigeon-footed so I run like I have real problems,” Jennifer told Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts. “So I decided to learn how to run with my feet straight and then they ended up just taping my ankles to make my feet go out."

Jennifer also says she gets so nervous on the red carpet, she’s like “a Chihuahua.”

"Out of the four premieres, I've tripped in two or three of them. Like, massive trips. It's so scary and then I end up getting so nervous that I get really hyper. So then I go do interviews and I'm like, 'I'm like a Chihuahua. I'm shaking. I'm peeing!' And then afterwards I'm like, 'I just talked about peeing on the red carpet!'"

Sh-t just got real.

And if that’s not self-deprecating enough, Jennifer says she thinks casting her as the lead in The Hunger Games was a huge mistake.

“I am a troll. I hate myself. I think the movie is great, but their biggest mistake was [casting] me,” Jennifer said on The Late Show with David Letterman.

And despite all the buzz surrounding The Hunger Games, Jennifer says she won’t be concerned with its box office success.

"I've never really paid attention to the box office or how much money any film makes before. This one, people keep reminding me, so now it's there, but it's not something I normally care about."