Jennifer Lawrence: 'I'm a Horrible Troll'

March 14, 2012 By:
Jennifer Lawrence: 'I'm a Horrible Troll'

The star of 'Hunger Games,' Jennifer Lawrence, thinks she's a horrible troll who will never work again.

"But overall I think everyone else in the movie is fantastic," Jennifer said.

So, you know, make sure you still see 'Hunger Games' in theaters on March 23.

Jennifer says she loves the Hunger Games movies and book trilogy, but it's hard to watch herself on screen.

"I mean, it's always hard for me, watching, because I think I'm a horrible troll and I'll never work again."

But the self-deprecation doesn't stop there. She also hates other things about herself.

"You should see me dance. I'm terrible at everything. God, this is really sad. I can't do anything. I'm like short-selling myself, with like crying. I'm like, 'I fake everything. I'm not a good actor. Next question!'"

So far, the reviews are positive of Jennifer's portrayal of Katniss Everdeen in the movie. But with the movie officially hitting theaters on March 23, Jennifer seems to have her reservations.

"Everybody's been really nice," Jennifer said. "But the movie's not out yet, so we'll see."

She might not be a fan of herself, but the public sure is. Jennifer says the spotlight has been difficult to get used to. She told MTV News:

"I get photographers hiding in my bushes! We're way past autographs, we're into being stalked and followed."

Jennifer's also getting used to hobnobbing with other celebrities.

"My heart actually stopped beating for a moment when I saw Brad and Angelina at the golden Globe awards. I also sat next to Tilda Swinton at the ceremony and I couldn't close my mouth."