Jennifer Lawrence: I Hate Los Angeles

September 13, 2012 By:
Jennifer Lawrence: I Hate Los Angeles

Jennifer Lawrence covers the October issue of W magazine and looks like a rare bird. And I mean that only because she’s covered in hella feathers.

To be fair, Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning in this high-fashion spread where she poses with peacocks and ostriches.

Anyways, here are her best quotes, namely that she likes men looking at her naked body and she hates living in LA because of all the paparazzi. No wonder her and Kristen Stewart are best friends now.

“Sadly, I cannot live in Los Angeles anymore. I don’t understand how actors can do it. You have no life here. You are followed everywhere. It’s not like that anywhere else in the world,” says Lawrence, “I don’t want to stay in L.A. and start thinking that’s reality – because it’s very far from normal. But I still love movies. I’m just going to love being in them from Kentucky, or Prague, or somewhere else.”

As for her role in X-Men she says appearing naked except for scales and blue body paint has left her with zero modesty.

“I would stand, lean, or sit on a bicycle seat naked while they painted me. I have no modesty left after X-Men I had blue in places I didn’t even know existed. Afterwards, I had to go around naked, with scales over my private parts, surrounded by men. That cures you of all inhibition.”

I always wondered what actors do after a long weird day in the make-up chair? Is there an industrial strength shower to get rid of her blueish X-Men garb?

“I did leave the color everywhere. The hotel in London wouldn’t give me my security deposit back because I turned their tub blue. I also did that to a lot of toilets seats on set. We called it ‘getting Mystiqued’” She jokes.