Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper "Can't Fake" Their Chemistry

January 31, 2013 By:
Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

Most times I think actress Jennifer Lawrence's best role is simply when she's portraying the actress Jennifer Lawrence.

The way she terrorizes E!'s Mani Cam on the red carpet, how she'll eventually make illusion-ripped dresses a runway trend for fall/winter 2014, her awards show acceptance speeches that deserve their own awards (that are followed by more award-winning speeches, it's just a never-ending cycle of awesome)—Jennifer Lawrence was basically born to play Jennifer Lawrence. We have an ever-growing list about why we bow to her.

But we're just a humble race of non-bow-and-arrow wielding peoples and she's Katniss Kick-Ass Everdeen, so of course we'd be bowing. Her co-stars on the other hand probably aren't even fazed by her bonanza of charms, right?


And not just wrong, but Bradley-Cooper-level-of-proportions wrong. Which is a whole lot of wrong considering the man leaves women gasping for more breath than a SoulCycle spin class.

Talking to CBS News about his chemistry with Jennifer in Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley says, "You can't fake that. That's just luck."

While this bite only fans the rumored flames that these two are dating and further validates the "BradLaw" throw pillows I'm currently crocheting, the bigger story here is Bradley's quote serves as a reminder of something so easily eclipsed by Jennifer's natural aura: She's still a really, really, damn good actress too who can pretend to be people other than Jennifer Lawrence. So good in fact she basically keeps her co-workers (people who "fake" emotions for a living) from doing their jobs.

Let's just hope this doesn't stand in the way of Bradley's chances at the Oscars next month where he's nominated in the "Best ACTOR in a Motion Picture" category for best ACTING given he couldn't really act anything because of Jennifer Lawrence. Good luck!