Hollyscoop's Hunger Games Giveaway

November 18, 2013 By:
Hollyscoop's Hunger Games Giveaway
Image By: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain

You know how Katniss gets all dolled up at the Capitol after learning that she’s been chosen for the Hunger Games?

This is kind of like that, except with far less danger, but just as much excitement.

Hollyscoop and Lionsgate teamed up to give away a pair of tickets to the highly coveted Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere in LA today.


One lucky fan, Breanne H., won admission to the festivities, but Hollyscoop spiced up the package with a glam Hollywood makeover featuring our own stylists Micaela & Miriam.

Breanne and her older sister Stephanie will be whisked away to the STYLE PR Showroom in downtown, freshened up at the Lionel Renard salon, before arriving in style with a car service to Nokia Live. If they end up having Peeta and Gale fighting over them at the premiere, it's not our fault! (Actually, it's totally our fault.)

Make sure to follow Hollyscoop on Instagram to see their journey as it plays out. You can also watch how it all unfolds on Hollyscoop TV airing this weekend.

May the odds be ever in her favor!