Casting Begins For Real-Life “Hunger Games” Reality TV Show

February 20, 2013 By:
Casting Begins For Real-Life “Hunger Games” Reality TV Show
Image By: Lionsgate

Because Hollywood TV executives have too much money they decided it would be a great idea to develop “The Hunger Games” into an actual real-life reality TV show with actual real-life kids even though the goal of the Hunger Games is for EVERYONE TO DIE.

Good job TV executives, you just green-lit the worst idea ever.

Now, if you want to get famous at ANY cost (literally, it could cost you your life) the show is casting for real-life couples to become the reality TV versions of “Katniss or Peeta.”

The show is being called “The Hunt” and will drop the contestants off in the wilderness to die with nothing, forcing the contestants to find their own food, water and shelter. The goal is to stay alive and capture the other teams. It's like “Survivor” except the producers aren’t giving you any watery rice to eat.

The casting call even suggested that “who is cast will turn into an instant celebrity.” 

Oh America. You’ve hit new lows.

The best part is that you have to enter the show with your significant other, so that the audience can follow your relationship as it deteriorates each week. Would you audition to join this reality show?