Jennifer Hudson Heads Back to Work

December 10, 2008 By:
Jennifer Hudson Heads Back to Work

After the tragic shootings of her mother, brother and nephew, actress/singer Jennifer Hudson went into hiding (do we blame her?) and hasn't been seen since.

Although she's still in mourning, Hudson is expected to return back to work and begin shooting a video for next single, If It Isn't Love, her rep confirmed.

Hudson was forced to cancel filming six weeks ago after she got the tragic news that her mother Darnell Donerson and brother Jason Hudson were found shot dead at their home in the city. Her nephew Julian King, 7, was found dead three days later.

Thankfully her estranged brother-in-law William Balfour has been charged with all three murders, so Hudson and her family can begin to get some peace.

It's actually a really good thing she's returning back to work. It'll keep her mind off the tragedy a little. Because although losing a family member (in this case 3) is the hardest think anyone can ever deal with, life eventually goes on. We can't wait to see her rock her new song.