Jennifer Hudson Doesn't Want Her Fans to Cry

April 2, 2009 By:
Jennifer Hudson Doesn't Want Her Fans to Cry

Jennifer Hudson is finally back on track with her career and personal life since the tragic deaths of her family members. She just kicked off her tour with Robin Thicke this week which will run for several weeks, and she’s also gearing up for the “big day”: her wedding to fiancé David Otunga.

And Jennifer’s most recent message to her fans is not to continue worrying about her. She tells Entertainment Weekly, "The other day this lady came up to me and got really close to me, and I thought, 'What is it that makes people want to ... embrace me?' I don't like it when people get all emotional. I don't want you to cry. To see that love from fans is one of the most beautiful things."

Jennifer recently told Access Hollywood the date of her wedding is coming up, but they’re keeping it a secret. She did give some details, like the fact that her dogs will be in the wedding, and that the vows will be personal. She says, “We’re both very creative and kind of unique. I don’t want to have the same exact wedding as everyone else… Lord, he might come walking down the aisle for all we know.”

Jennifer’s also planning on being very hands-on with the dress design. She says, “I’m gonna design my own dress. I want to design it… Definitely classic, more traditional than anything. I want it to be nice and traditional, but very classy, very classy.”

Professionally, Jennifer is focused on the tour right now. She says, “I’m really focused on the music right now. That’s home for me, so I’d rather put my focus there in the music. But maybe later on, I’ll get back into another film.”

And speaking of films, the Sex And The City sequel just got an official date today, and we’re all wondering if Jennifer will be reprising her role as Louise. When asked, she replied, “I hope so! Come on Michael and Sarah.” She’s of course referring to writer Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker.

“I would love [to play Louise again]. I told Michael Patrick King, I said that Louise has moved back to New York from St. Louis, so… I’ll be ready if that opportunity comes.”

Sounds like J-Hud is one busy girl. We’re glad to hear she’s back on track! She says, "This is what I love to do, and I hate to sit still. I have been active for the past four or five years, and to be working like that and then to just stop and all you hear is the clock ticking ... That will drive you crazy."