Jennifer Hudson Buys $2.7 Million Mansion

December 2, 2011 By:
Jennifer Hudson Buys $2.7 Million Mansion

Gotta love this recession. Jennifer Hudson just put down $2,795,000 for a Chicago home, and the coolest part is, she got it for half the price!

Hudson’s home is 12,000 square feet and three stories tall. Whose home has three stories?! It’s a shopping mall. Built in 2007, the mansion has six bedrooms and seven baths. It’s located in the exclusive Chicago neighborhood of Highland Fields and has two heated garages that hold up to six cars. Heated garages are a necessity. You wouldn’t want your car to get chilly in there at night.

There’s also a deluxe home theater, two laundry rooms, heated floors, and a floating staircase. I know nothing of real estate, but all of that seems pretty reasonable for a couple mil. Oh, I forgot to mention there’s also a walk-out lower level, a third floor bonus room, a game room and a walk-out basement.

Man, I wanna be in a Jenny Craig commercial.

From the outside, the place looks like a castle. Inside, it’s surprisingly snug and cozy. Two chandeliers hang above an island in the giant kitchen, and the living room is complete with a classic cornered fireplace that’s bigger than my entire apartment.

Jennifer Hudson recently revealed that she accepted an offer to star in the Farrelly Brothers’ new Three Stooges movie, and she did it to pay tribute to her late mom.

According to Ebony magazine, the singer turned actress admitted that the film holds a lot of sentimental value for her, because her mother Darnell Donnerson was a huge fan of The Stooges.

“It’s so different from anything I’ve done,” Hudson said of her role. “I play a nun. I feel like I’m getting my feet wet in comedy.”

Why not? She’s already won an Academy Award and a Grammy, she can pretty much do what she wants at this point.

“Another reason I took this role is because my mom was a huge fan of the Three Stooges,” she added.

Hudson’s mother and brother Jason were murdered in their Chicago, Illinois home in October 2008.

Hudson revealed that she continues to take her mother’s feelings into consideration:

"I try to do everything to say, 'OK, will my mother like this? Will she be pleased? Will she be proud of that? How do I know she’s happy and she’s smiling down at me from Heaven?” Hudson said. “And that’s what I try to go by and walk by.”