Jennifer Hudson: A Director Told Me I Was 'Too Big'

January 5, 2012 By:
Jennifer Hudson: A Director Told Me I Was 'Too Big'

Jennifer Hudson has lost so much weight, she looks nearly unrecognizeable from her former self. If you think I’m exaggerating, just check out those new Weight Watchers commercials where two Jennifer Hudsons are signing to each other. It is both intriguing and slightly creepy.

Hudson graces the cover of Good Housekeeping in February, and in the interview, she discusses her whopping 80-pound weight loss.

“Early on, I remember one of the musical directors telling me that everything about me was too big,” she says. “My voice, my size, and my personality.” Hudson says she asked the director, “Isn’t that what being a star is? Stars are larger than life!”

Yes, but that's usually not literally.

Hudson says that her son, David, has “never known me overweight. If he sees a clip of the old Jennifer from 'Dreamgirls', he doesn’t know who it is.”

Even though she’s basically lost an entire Justin Bieber of weight, Jennifer says she still has her food cravings.

“I’ll find a calm, peaceful moment, and I’ll sit back and eat my chocolate, which I make sure is really good quality, too,” she says. “Quality over quantity!”

And speaking of chocolate, what does Jennifer’s fiancé, David Otunga, have planned for Valentine’s Day?

“Let me tell you, this man goes bananas,” Hudson says. “When I wake up that morning in February, I can’t see through the house because he’s got confetti and balloons everywhere, rose petals on the floor, and candles in every single room.”