Jennifer Grey and Other 80's Stars- Where Are They Now?

August 10, 2011 By:
Jennifer Grey and Other 80's Stars- Where Are They Now?

While the public wasn't too happy with the news of a Dirty Dancing remake, Jennifer Grey gave it her blessing:

“I love @Kennyortega and trust that he will do something special #DirtyDancingRemake,” the original star Tweeted on Monday night.

"Blown away by all of the love expressed for #DirtyDancing. Makes me want to see it again. So grateful to have been a part of it."

There's a fine line between people expressing their "love" and them expressing their disgust over yet another unnecessary Hollywood remake.

Since starring in Dirty Dancing back in 1987, Jennifer Gray hasn't just disappeared into obscurity. The actress won Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars and married actor/director Clark Gregg in 2001.

So how are the rest of our favorite 80's stars holding up thirty years later?

Molly Ringwald: Director John Hughes' muse was a fiery redhead who played the everygirl. We loved watching her teenage struggles. She made some mistakes in the 90s, turning down the lead role in Ghost and Pretty Woman. These days, she stars in The Secret Life of the American Teenager. That's just as good as being Demi Moore or Julia Roberts, right?

Mark Hammil: Mark Hammil played one of the most iconic characters in one of the most iconic trilogies of all time, Star Wars. Since then, he's mostly been doing voice work for cartoons, but he did play a character on Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Ally Sheedy Sheedy was the dark, quiet member of the Brat Pack. She starred in the Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire and Short Circuit. These days, she spends her time on Broadway.

The Coreys: Sadly, in 2010, Corey Haim died of an accidental drug overdose. Before that, he was selling batches of his hair on eBay to pay for his medical bills. As for the remaining Corey, Corey Feldman, he's the front man of a band called The Truth Movement. The truth is, we've never heard of you.

Chevy Chase: Chevy was one of the greatest comedy actors of the 80s, and his feud with Bill Murray became legendary. So what did he do after National Lampoons and Three Amigos? He got his comeback after starring on the hit sitcom, Community. And he's just as hilarious as ever.

Anthony Michael Hall: He was the dorky kid in nearly ever John Hughes movie. He recently had a part in The Dark Knight. He played a news anchor.

Judd Nelson: He was everyone's favorite badass in The Breakfast Club, so what's the edgy rocker bad boy up to nowadays? Well, he appeared in a couple episodes of Two and a Half Men. Other than that, a bunch of movies no one's ever heard of. Or probably seen.

Mia Sara: Mia played Ferris Bueller's doe-eyed, beautiful love interest, Sloane, in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Today, the actress looks strikingly different and has had stints on CSI: NY and Birds of Prey. She was married to Sean Connery's son, Jason Connery, before the couple divorced in 2002.