Victor Garber On Jennifer Garner: She's Doing Great!

January 8, 2009 By:
Victor Garber On Jennifer Garner: She's Doing Great!

Jennifer Garner is reportedly doing very well after giving birth to her second baby girl on Tuesday.

The New York Post’s PopWrap caught up with Victor Garber, who used to co-star with Jen in Alias, and he brought them up to speed on the family.

Victor told them, "I talked to her and she's doing great. It was a much easier birth, which I guess is true of most second births, they're easier. She sounded fantastic. I'm very excited."

Victor also commented on what great parents Ben and Jen are, saying, "I just marvel at how they're being brought up. What a wonderful mother Jennifer is, and what a joy it is to be around that family."

They really are one of the few normal celebrity families in LA. Jen always looks like a regular mom, picking up Violet from school and playdates, and doesn’t have to impress the paparazzi with designer clothes like a lot of other celeb moms in this town. They still haven’t released the baby’s name, but we’ll keep you updated!