Garey Busey Highlight Of Red Carpet

February 25, 2008 By:

Where’s Ben Affleck when you need him? A highlight from today’s Oscars red carpet coverage was when Ryan Seacrest was interviewing Jennifer Garner on the red carpet and was interrupted by Garey Busey.

Homeboy was either drunk or overexcited to see Ryan, he told him he’s been looking for him for a year...a year?!? Busey then went off and kissed Jennifer on her neck which obviously really freaked her out. The person most freaked out was Ryan Seacrest because he didn't really know what to do because he was Live so he panicked.

Garey called in Ryan Seacrest's morning show and explained what he was trying to say to Ryan. Garey also explained that he didn't know he was in the middle of an interview. He then continued to give Ryan a bunch of compliments which probably made Ryan feel like shit cause you know he was talking some smack about Garey for interrupting his interview.