Husband Explains Jennifer Connelly's Dramatic Weight Loss

January 7, 2009 By:
Husband Explains Jennifer Connelly's Dramatic Weight Loss

The media has been buzzing about Jennifer Connelly's dramatic weight
loss, and now we know the loss of a family member is to blame.

Hollyscoop was at Monday's 20th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival, where we witnessed Connelly's husband, Paul Bettany getting hounded by reporters about his wife's sudden weight loss.

Bettany, who was clearly annoyed by the question originally walked away from the interview before returning and snapping back, "I will tell you... My wife just lost her father."

Connelly isn't the only actress to get heat for her suddenly thin frame. Last year Angelina Jolie's weight loss (due to the loss of her mother) became the subject of great speculation. When they gain weight, everyone talks. When the lose weight, everyone talks. It's a lose/lose situation.

Connelly has generally always been thin, so her weight loss went unnoticed at first. Now that we know the reason behind the weight loss, lets cut her some slack and let her grieve.