Jennifer Aniston's Bachelorette Party Plans Revealed

August 1, 2013 By:
Jennifer Aniston's Bachelorette Party Plans Revealed

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux played hippies in the comedy Wanderlust, but who knew art was imitating life?

The actress, who will appear in We’re The Millers, strips down yet again—with a sense of humor, naturally—to portray a stripper on the run, but it appears she doesn’t throw the threads back on when she leaves the set.

Sitting down with late-night talk show host and close BFF Chelsea Handler, Jen revealed that when she’s in the comfort of her home with Justin, they tend to get reaaaallllll comfortable.

“No, we don’t walk around nude, darlin’,” she said, refuting tabloid claims that she and Justin are practicing nudists. “I mean, we do when it’s appropriate,” she then teased.

On the road to the altar, every bride-to-be has to make a stop at her bachelorette party, so what’s on Jen’s itinerary?

“I would just like to do a little trip to Cabo, or something fun,” she said.

That’s when Chelsea had a naughty suggestion of her own. Watch what she said here: