Will There Be a Friends Reunion?

March 28, 2011 By:
Will There Be a Friends Reunion?

“We were on a BREAK!!!”

In an exclusive interview with David Schwimmer, HOLLYSCOOP asked the actor-turned-director if a possible Friends reunion movie was in the works.

“Not to my knowledge, no. And when I talked to Matt LeBlanc the other day, it’s not to his knowledge either.”

So as much as you’d like to see what Ross and Rachel are up to, it doesn’t look like it’s happening anytime soon. And Schwimmer is fine with that.

He told HS, “I really like how the show ended; I really loved how it ended. I think it was kind of a perfect ending, I cant see any good reason to revisit it."

Here’s a good reason: the millions of fans who would make a Friends reunion flick box office gold!

But David’s been busy with a new role: director. He recently finished working on Trust, a movie starring Clive Owen and Catherine Keener.

“I love directing. I don’t know if I like it more than acting, I really love both, I hope to continue both. It takes a lot longer than acting…I’ve been on [the movie] two and a half years.”

Trust is about a young teenage girl who is targeted by an online predator. The movie’s theme deals with the dangers of technology and more specifically, “parenting in the age of technology,” says Schwimmer.

As for himself, Schwimmer says he loves technology. “I love gadgets…I’m definitely aware though, that I’m watching younger kids socialize in a very different way than I am accustomed to.”

I guess the only online predators Schwimmer has to worry about are the fanatics from Friends fan sites.

And how is the rest of the Friends cast doing?

  • Matt LeBlanc is currently starring in Showtime Episodes, a comedy in which LeBlanc plays himself. And apparently people like the character, because it just got renewed for a second season. Then again, so did Joey.
  • Jennifer Aniston has managed to stay in the public eye, as her latest romantic comedy, Just Go with it came in #1 in its opening weekend, beating out Justin Bieber’s movie. That’s no easy feat. And her hair hasn’t stopped making headlines, either.
  • Courteney Cox continues to star in ABC’s Cougartown and has recently rekindled romance with her estranged husband, David Arquette. Cox reconnected with Arquette publically at a recent premiere of Scream 4.
  • Lisa Kudrow might have played a flighty hippie on Friends, but in real life, she’s all business. Kudrow has become an executive producer for the NBC TV series, Who Do You Think You Are? The show traces the family history of a new celebrity each week. Kudow appeared in the first season along with Susan Sarandon and Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • As for Matthew Perry, he’s returned to the sitcom world as well, shooting twelve episodes of the ABC TV series Mr. Sunshine. In the series, still in its first season, Perry stars as a manager of a failing San Diego sports arena.
  • We might have to wait a few more years for a full-on reunion, but we’re not giving up hope. Aniston’s rom-coms and LeBlancs variations of Joey can only last so long!