Why We Think Jennifer Aniston Is Getting Married This Weekend

July 3, 2013 By:
Why We Think Jennifer Aniston Is Getting Married This Weekend

Every single tabloid has a story today insisting that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s wedding is off!

Some sources say that they can’t get married because the renovations on their house aren’t finished. Other sources say Justin is just having cold feet because his career is taking off. Some are saying they can't agree on living in LA or NY.


Well, we all think that’s just a big cover up for the fact they are actually getting married this weekend and here's why:

-Why is every mag claiming that they called off the wedding? They either DID or it’s just a carefully crafted PR rouse to throw us off the path and they actually ARE getting hitched!

-It’s July 4th weekend. What better time to throw a celebrity wedding when the entire gossip industry is on a four-day weekend for July 4th ? Almost all of the industry is off work from Thursday to Sunday and if Jen gets hitched and news broke, nobody would be at their desks to report it. At least Jen has a four day buffer to avoid a media blitz.

-We reached out to Jen's rep about the rumors that the wedding is off and he tells us, "It's all nonsense." So, the wedding isn't OFF. 

-Justin just arrived back into LAX yesterday, so he's in town, which is good because the latest rumor is that they are getting hitched in their Beverly Hills backyard. 

What do you guys think?