'We're The Millers' Set Is A Bit Nippy For Jennifer Aniston

August 3, 2012 By:

It must have been really cold on set…

After a series of photos that showed a tame wardrobe selection for Jennifer Aniston’s new movie We’re The Millers, new images surface today with another story entirely. And that story has two main characters: Jen’s left and right breasts.

In the photos, Jen wears a hot pair of Daisy Duke, so short that the pockets are exposed and a tight white tank top that leaves little to guess. The tank does all it can to hold back Jen’s twins. At their peak, they seem to proclaim their existence in all their Olympic-like glory.

Let’s take a moment to take in the view, shall we…


Jen’s trampish attire is likely to do with the role that she plays in the film. It’s probably even likely that her nipples are actually fake.

The former “Friends” star plays a hooker who is hired by a drug kingpin to appear to be his “wife” in order to carry out an international marijuana deal unbeknownst to the public eye.

In addition to dressing like a lady of the night, Jennifer has been caught doing other questionable activities for the comedy part, including wrestling with a soccer mom for a bag of pot disguised as a baby.

Despite how good or bad the film turns out to be, on behalf of guys everywhere, I want to express my appreciation for these images… Jennifer, you made my day!