Report: Jennifer Aniston to Appear on Cougartown

March 23, 2010 By:
Report: Jennifer Aniston to Appear on Cougartown

Jennifer Aniston may be turning into a cougar! Rumor has it she’s planning on guest-starring on CougarTown, which stars her real-life BFF Courteney Cox.

Fox 411 says nothing is official as of yet, but the gears have been set in motion. Courtney told reporters, “[Aniston] is so busy, but I'm sure at some point she would do it. [She would play] something fantastic, something she would just have a blast doing.”

Jen reportedly promised Courteney that will be able to make a guest appearance once she is done promoting 'The Bounty Hunter' which is very soon.

“She promised she would do it as soon as she finished promoting her new film, The Bounty Hunter...She wanted to do something different,” a source said.

Courteney has definitely given new meaning to the term “cougar” ever since her show started airing. And she has some advice for all those single older women out there! “Just be a confident woman,” she advised. “Feel okay about going out with someone younger and don’t be self conscious.”

Cox also says she’s gotten most of her confidence in her 40s. “Being 40 is something fantastic. Now I have all the confidence I wish I would have had at 30,” she said. “I don't have that many more good years!”

It’s about time Jennifer and Courteney shared the screen again! And it’d be the perfect role for Jen since she’s the hottest cougar in Hollywood!