Justin Theroux's Ex Wants Jen and Him Out of New York

October 7, 2011 By:
Justin Theroux's Ex Wants Jen and Him Out of New York

Heidi Bivens speaks up! Wait, who's Heidi Bivens!? Bivens is the chick that Justin Theroux dated and lived with for 14 years before he left her for Jennifer Aniston. Ringing any bells.

Anyways, quick back-story, Justin was living with NY stylist Bivens when he met Aniston on the set of "Wanderlust" where he was rumored to have started hooking up with Jen. Basically, Justin and Jen pulled a Brad and Angie on this chick Bivens. Bivens IS Aniston circa 2005!

Anyways, Bivens has told her friends that she wishes Jen and Justin would leave NYC! She can't take it anymore. She can't even be in the same state as him!

A friend of Biven's says that she "has stopped talking to Justin."

The source dished some more deets to Us Weekly, but this is my favorite part. Bivens is claiming "she doesn't want to know anything about him and Jen" which is fair, however she demands, "she'd like a heads-up on any marriage or baby news."

So basically, Bivens doesn't give a f-ck if they are parading around town with matching leather jackets or taking facebook photos with Terry Richardson, but if Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, she wants to be the first to know.

The source also adds that Bivens "wishes they'd leave NYC already. It's hard to move on, knowing they're in the same city."

Soon this chick is going to demand that they leave the USA, because it's hard for her to move on, knowing they're in the same country. I feel bad for the girl, I really do. Nobody wants their partner of 14 years to leave them for Jennifer freaking Aniston, but c'mon, don't act so entitled.

However, that would suck if Justin is taking Jen to all of Biven's favorite places. "THIS IS MY PIZZA RESTAURANT!" says Bivens to Justin when she hypothetically runs into him and Jen trying to enjoy some NY pizza.

Justin and Jen moved to NYC in mid-September. They live together at Jen's West Village apartment. The couple started renting a home together in Los Angeles in July, though it seems like they are rarely there, so now they've been rumored to have started shopping for another home together in NY.

Someone spotted the couple searching other parts of the West Village for townhouses together. Sorry Bivens, looks like your ex isn't going anywhere.