Justin Theroux's Ex-Girlfriend Praises Angelina Jolie

January 27, 2012 By:
Justin Theroux's Ex-Girlfriend Praises Angelina Jolie

Uhmmm, if Jennifer Aniston stole my boyfriend, I would be on team Jolie too.

In order to fully appreciate the gossipy-ness of this article, I need to explain the complicated relationships between like 5 people, so bare with me for a second.

Jennifer Aniston’s new boyfriend (and most likely her baby daddy, verdict still out on that one) Justin Theroux, was in a 10+ year relationship with a stylist named Heidi Bivens.

However, when Theroux met Aniston, he was still in a relationship with and living with Bivens, leading many to believe that Aniston homewrecked her way into Theroux’s heart. Or for those of you who follow gossip closely….Aniston pulled an “Angelina Jolie” because Angelina Jolie hooked up with Brad Pitt when he was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

Moral of the story: Bivens probably hates Aniston, Aniston presumably can’t stand Jolie and Theroux is just a dude who dropped his regular girlfriend for Jennifer Aniston.

Now, Bivens has made a rare red carpet appearance and because of her 1-degree of separation from Aniston, she’s basically an A-Lister now, so she’s talking to reporters for the first time and going off on how she loves Angelina Jolie.

Talking to Us Weekly, “I was super-impressed by Angelina’s dress for the Golden Globes,” says Bivens.

Okay, so it’s not the backstabbing girl-fight stuff we were hoping for, but still, if you praise Angelina you are basically dissing Aniston.

Bivens then went on to praise the fashion sense of actresses like Natalie Portman, Laura Dern and Tilda Swinton, but no love for Aniston. Not even an, “I like how she rocks a newsboy cap, she probably stole it from MY ex-boyfriend!”

When the US Weekly reporter tried to get her to spill some gossip about Aniston, Biven merely said, “There’s nothing so say. I’m very content being behind the scenes and I hope to continue to do good work that people know me for and that it’s about the work.”