Jenn's Friends Are Pissed At John Mayer

August 19, 2008 By:
Jenn's Friends Are Pissed At John Mayer

As if it wasn't hard enough having to deal with a breakup, now Jennifer Aniston has to deal with the stories that are slowly creeping out.

Jenn is just now finding out about John Mayer's love of blondes and his obsession with the media.

Old habits die hard with John, because just days after their breakup, he was back at 1Oak with Adam Levine and "all over some blonde."

Upon finding out about his little 'relationship' with the media and paparazzi, one of Jenn's close friends told the NY Post, "What a creep! He is the biggest jerk ever. How dare he set up a p.r. stunt like that? He should be ashamed of himself and just shut his mouth."

They were an odd couple from the start. He was a serial womanizer and she was ready to get married. It's probably for the best that they cut the relationship off short, so everyone needs to just move on at this point. Who do you think Jenn would make a great match with?