Jennifer Hudson Misses Eating For Two

October 20, 2009 By:
Jennifer Hudson Misses Eating For Two

Jennifer Hudson gave birth to her son David in August and she admits that she still wishes she could eat for two and not worry about losing the baby weight.

Hudson admits that after she gave birth she was forced to “snap back” to a healthier diet to lose her baby weight.

She told ET: "The trick is getting back into your old ways. If I could go around eating like I ate while I was pregnant, that'd be the way to go. But you have to snap back to it. It’s like an on and off switch, you have to go back to the norm.”

One thing Hudson does love is her baby boy whom she admits is growing by the day.

She said: “He’s continually growing every day and getting smarter and cuter as the days go by. He tries to talk. He really tries and makes noises like, ‘Yaaaaaah’. Nothing comes out, but he really tries to talk. I’m just like, ‘Are you serious?’ He really tries. He’s adorable. I love him. He tries to smile too, and I love it, love it, love it.”

Jennifer looks great! She doesn't even look like she gave birth in August.